Range day with the TC Encore

I took the new 357 Remington Maximum Encore to range today with mixed results. I shot H110 powder under.. 180 XTPs at 2.060″ reached 2128 fps 180 HCFPs at 2.245″ reached 2103 fps 200 FTXs at 2.35″ reached 2056 fps The charge weight for the XTPs was 22-23gr, for the HCFPs it was 23-24 gr, […]
FW Arms Decapping Die

FW Arms Decapping Die

After watching several videos of this newish die, with myself being without a dedicated decapping die, I ordered one. The website was a bit troublesome to get to the Web Shopping Cart but finally got it going from the top again. There was no direct link. Arrrggggggghhhhhh!!! After I had looked around at all the […]

IMR 4198 in a .308 Winchester Bolt Gun

Hello to The Reloaders Network! BigE here! I thought I would try something different in my 308 target rifle. It started as a Savage 11VT that was found to be a little unsafe with the original barrel (short throat with rifling at 0.307″ would pop primers on factory loads occasionally and was almost always a […]