Rookie Reloader Chronicles (Rifle Brass Prep)

Hey everyone, just stopping by to share my oops moments with you as a Rookie Reloader just as much as my successes. Ok, so you’re probably here because of the photo you saw. I know, I know. Here’s how it went: 308 brass decapping before I clean with my new Frankford Arsenal Wet Tumbler Lite […]

The Dirty Rossi R92 First Shots

During filming my phone ran out of storage space, so this is the little footage I did manage to get. Using 3 different brands of ammo 357 Mag Remington JSP worked well, Perfecta 38 SPL also worked well no problems. I purchased Fiocchi 158 gr 357 Mag from the range ($25.99/50rds ouch), problem after problem […]