Rookie Reloader Chronicles (Rifle Brass Prep)

Hey everyone, just stopping by to share my oops moments with you as a Rookie Reloader just as much as my successes. Ok, so you’re probably here because of the photo you saw. I know, I know. Here’s how it went: 308 brass decapping before I clean with my new Frankford Arsenal Wet Tumbler Lite […]

The Dirty Rossi R92 First Shots

During filming my phone ran out of storage space, so this is the little footage I did manage to get. Using 3 different brands of ammo 357 Mag Remington JSP worked well, Perfecta 38 SPL also worked well no problems. I purchased Fiocchi 158 gr 357 Mag from the range ($25.99/50rds ouch), problem after problem […]
Practice makes perfect, time for more bullets
Practice makes perfect, time for more bullets

Practice makes perfect, time for more bullets

Not one bad round or mistake in this batch of 100 tonight. Hence the title Practice makes Perfect 124gr Berry’s Bullets 4.8grains CFE Pistol ChicowizeI’m a Rookie Reloader. I started in July 2018 with my first press being a Dillon XL650 and recently I’ve joined the community of casting my own projectiles and loving it as […]