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IV8888 Annual Range Day 2019 | Day One

IV8888 Annual Range Day 2019 | Day One

The annual IV8888 kicks off October 19-20 2019. Despite the rain, vendors and content creators had a blast! Products where tested through these harsh conditions. Here’s footage of what happened on Day 1 #iv8888rangeday2019 Eagle Eye ShootingInnovation in the Arcane Art of Reloading… Lets gather ideas, thoughts and join my journey with me to find […]

350 Legend – Velocities, Accuracy, Max Range with 120gr Zinc Handloads – Lyman 358430

Reaching warp speed in a 356 bullet...These zinc bullets where sent to me by Andy79Z28, a fellow adventurer in zinc casting. I managed to do a small load work up using these bullets in the 350 Legend. This also demonstrates the 350 Legend capabilities with lighter bullets. This SBR 350 Legend build is a 11.5" barrel. With these bullets loaded up with 24.3gr of H110 I was able to achieve acceptable accuracy and remarkable speeds. Even an impact at 425 yards. It goes to show, ZINC WORKS!
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TC Compass 308 180gr Nosler & Varget – A Horrible Day At The Range…Ending With A Good Note

Unlike my previous TC Compass in 308 (which I sent in for repair and returned replaced), my load work ups are showing good results. Keeping the groups to 3 shots due to barrel temp on this pencil barrel, I was able to produce nearly a half MOA group with a 180gr Nosler BT bullet. And the chronograph....laugh all you want because I was. This chronograph lasted 5 hits and has paid itself off with lots of load data collected.