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Hello and Welcome to the Eagle’s Nest!

About me…

Thanks for your interest!  Well… I’m not the typical millennial generation person. This young man devotes his life to serving the Lord and protecting our constitutional rights. I come from very humble beginnings, and today I have two very active loving boys and a one of a kind wife. “Eagle Eye” is a nickname given to me during my childhood when I was first handed a daisy break-action pellet gun shooting washers across the backyard fence.  It also refers to my name. My uncles always said I had a natural gift for shooting, but I didn’t get into this hobby until 5 years ago.

My journey as a handloader…

My journey has just started and I’ve learned so much through other members here and through YouTube. My content is based on testing techniques and suggestions, yet thinking outside the box. I’m currently a trained professional in electronics in my career and lately I’ve been finding ways to implement some awesome ideas in this arcane art of reloading.  I’m currently engaged in many aspects of reloading. These include: casting, paper patching, precision long-range, and load development methods.


I’ll be updating this periodically as time permits. Currently, I’m fortunate to be able to shoot nearly every weekend or when time permits. If you have an idea, let’s hear about it! I’m all ears.

– Kenneth Ey

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