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Goat Guns. Do You Want One?

Goat Guns. Do You Want One?

Goat Gun Collection. One third scale rifles. "replica" Nicely done heavy duty collectibles for gun enthusiasts. Many more available. I'm making these available in a quick 24 hour from the time video posts auction. The highest bidder will make a donation to The American Legion Post 214. You will contact me at my email link. specify 338 Lapua or M4A1. (signed or not. Assembled or not?) Or you can make a donation without bidding! Click link. Make Donation! : ) Thanks in advance. God Bless Our Vets!

Elvis Is Still Alive

Been busy with work, loading, shooting, kinda disturbed with the Communist party. (YouTube) Loaded a crap load of videos to UGETube Check em out and let me know what you think of the platform… “Be Honest” I seem to like it! Got a little surprise on a change I made to loading high volume ammo… […]