8 mm Mauser And Charlie’s Missiles

In this video I load and test some of Charles Irby‘s 240 grain cast bullets in Maria, the K98 Mauser from Full.Lead.Taco‘s Tacopocolypse giveaway. We had mixed results, but got some chronograph numbers, AND, I made it home with the chronograph still in one piece! Thanks for watching, and I hope God blesses you all […]
Georgia Shooting Connection Friday Night Live Stream 8/2/19
Georgia Shooting Connection Friday Night Live Stream 8/2/19

Georgia Shooting Connection Friday Night Live Stream 8/2/19

IT'S FRIDAY!! Okay, this is the first Friday night of August, and all are expecting Google Hangouts On Air not to work. We've tested Stream Yard, thank you, Chico and Will. I have a guest in mind, but not sure he can make it yet. We also have lots of topic ideas, but can't seem to settle on one. Well, settle in, pull up a chair, and let's see what happens. I'm sure we'll all have a fun time.
KFW 600 Sub VR

KFW 600 Sub VR

Congrats to KFW on 600 subscribers! I really enjoy his channel, and wish him much success in the future. I go into a little bit of a rant in this video. Thanks for watching. May God bless you all real good! JH586My name is Jamie, and I’m Lisa’s husband, Jay and Amanda’s dad, and Rigby’s […]

JH586 At 1000 Yards

Special thanks to Josh over at 243 Outdoors for this video. Not only did he allow me to shoot his rifle at 1000 yards, but gave me his hand loads to do it with, recorded the effort, edited this video and sent it to me to post. All I did was aim and squeeze the trigger. Check out Josh's channel, 243 Outdoors if you're not already subscribed. Josh is a class act in every sense of the word. Thanks again, Josh!

S&W 586 and CZ 75 At The Range

In this video, I test some bullets from Willie Bulletman and TinMan, shooting the S&W 6″ 586 and the CZ 75BD. The shooting was at Live Fire Weapons and Range. Check out these channels. They’re good guys are really fun to watch. Thanks for watching, and may God bless you all real good! Willie Bulletman- […]
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Georgia Shooters Connection Live Stream 5/3/19

Georgia Shooters Connection Live Stream 5/3/19

Tonight, we’ll be holding the drawing for my 300 Sub Giveaway. ThecrazyScotsman will be along to help with drawing. He will be checking out to go to work, so join us if you can. We hope a great time will be had by all. Thanks for joining us, and may God bless you all! ThecrazyScotsman- On The […]

My New Press & an Amazon Box!

Thanks to Eagle Eye Shooting for my new Lee Breech Lock Pro progressive press. Thank you so much, Brother. Also thanks to whoever sent me the Dragon Touch Sports Camera. I have suspicions, and I’m sure you do too. I’ve been so blessed and I pray God blesses you all much more than He does […]