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Amazon Prime Day – Support The Reloaders Network!

Did you know that you can support The Reloaders Network while shopping at Amazon.com?  The following link is an affiliate link.  What that means is that if you click on the link and then make a purchase at Amazon, you will not pay any extra, but The Reloaders Network will receive a small commission for referring […]

2,000 Posts! And, a New Pro-2A Social Media Site!

2,000 Posts! This post is the 2,000th post on The Reloaders Network!  That’s a whole lot of articles and videos over the course of 13 months covering a wide range of topics related to reloading, bullet casting, firearms, shooting sports, and the related gear and accessories.  A huge thanks goes out to the almost 80 […]

Three Live Streams This Week!

I want to highlight three YouTube Live Stream this week. The first is the "LoadsofBacon and Full.Lead.Taco Assemble Together!" - that one starts in 30 minutes. Tomorrow night is the "Meet The Booolit Maker, Maker (Guest: Al Nelson from NOE)" Live Stream. Then this Saturday will be the monthly TRN Author Live Stream. I hope to see you there!

Powder Coated Cast Lead Hollow Point Bullet Testing Series – Now Entirely Found on The Reloaders Network

I set up this website, The Reloaders Network, 11 months ago, and as soon as I did I started posting all of my old video library here.  I spaced that out over a few months and I completed that last September.  There has been one large segment of my videos missing though - my powder coated cast lead hollow point tests. I have posted about a dozen of the videos from that series that dealt with casting and reloading, but to date I have not posted any of the nearly three dozen hollow point ballistic gel tests.  I have remedied that today.

A Loads of Bacon Channel Update

It's cold outside.  YouTube has given my channel its second strike and I'm not allowed to upload anything to their servers for a couple of weeks.  Should I curl up in front of the fireplace and wish for warmer days?  Not hardly! There's hog hunting, new firearms, and plenty more going on...

New in the store – Hull Vises!

We now offer shotshell hull vises for sale! These vises are a very handy tool for clamping and holding shotshells for roll crimping and other reloading procedures.  (We don’t have roll crimpers for sale yet, but plan to in the future.) This hull vise, designed by Nick Ross, provides a solid, steady platform for roll […]

Check Out These Deals!

Today is the final day of the sale on AR500 Gongs.  Head over to the store and get them while they’re still 10% off! AR500 Gongs Have you checked out the Daily Deals page lately?  It is updated with new deals every day! You can find that page in the menu under “Shop”, or here:  […]
Strike 2

Strike 2 – More Videos Deleted!

Another video deleted, and another channel strike.  YouTube sure seems to take issue with the idea of bullet casting. I was notified this afternoon of my eighth video deleted by YouTube.  All eight have apparently been in violation of their policies on content related to firearms.  Here is the first part of the email that […]