.22lr Accuracy with Adaptive Tactical – WE TRAIN!

If AR-15’s are the Legos of the shooting world, then Ruger 10/22’s are the Barbies. The ease and availability of parts and accessories make this gun one of the most fun to customize. This time we put Adaptive Tactical’s barrel and stock to the test as we demonstrate some offhand and bench shooting in an attempt to demonstrate just how much fun assembling your own rimfire rifle can be!

Loading Component Calculations – We Review How To!

Do YOU know how much is needed and how much is too much? You'd better. We go through and review component calculations and how to ensure you have enough supplies on hand to weather the next false flag induced shortages in the shooting sports! Get prepared people? Knowledge is priceless and it weighs nothing!

MAGTECH Brass Shotshells – Loading & Shooting How To

Brass shotshells conjure up images of the old west and cowboys. We go through and demystify to science and art of these nostalgic hulls of a bygone era. Whether your a smokeless fan or a follower of the "old black", these hulls are simple to use and dare we say it, a whole heck of alotta fun to shoot!

One Weird Trick for Your RCBS Press.

We review how to save time and money with this one trick.   mannyCAOur channel’s goal is to educate, enlighten, and entertain people in the shooting, handloading, and hunting sports.  We aim to preserve and pass along our knowledge while having fun in the hope of drawing more people into the gun culture. Simplifying the […]