Is 357 Magnum Potent Hog Medicine?

Potent Hog Medicine? Is 357 Magnum 158gr at 1248fps from a 6inch barrel and 1489fps from a 16in barrel, leveraction at 75 yards or under potent hog medicine? Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks Loads of Bacon for bullets. mr.revolverguy

Marlin 1894 357 Magnum and Loads of Bacon

I got a package from Loads of Bacon of his world renown coated and bacon lubed bullets. Normally I load my medium velocity 357 Magnum rounds with HS-6. Just upon completing some 10MM testing with BE-86 and like the performance and velocity I was seeing with it I decided to use BE-86 in 357 Magnum.

TRN 300 Blackout 100 Yard Outdoor Challenge

“INFORMAL” MATCH .300 AAC Blackout   Winter – 100 Yard Subsonic Outdoor Challenge Objective: 5 shots on a poker playing card at 100 yards outdoors using subsonic ammunition. 1 point per hit on target, any tie will be broken by a measurement of the tightest group. Competition will begin on December 7th, 2018 and closed […]

M1A vs AR-10 Historic vs Present

The Beginnings The M1A was designed by Elmer C. Ballance of the Springfield Armory Inc. in 1974.  The AR-10 rifle was developed by Eugene Stoner in 1955 and was manufactured by ArmaLite. That’s right, the AR-10 is older than the M1A, you read it right. Confused yet? The M1A is the civilianized version of the […]
SigMCX SBR 300Blackout: Shot My Gopro

SigMCX SBR 300Blackout: Shot My Gopro

This is Episode #2 in the 300Blkout Journey Testing. Unfortunately in this test I ended up destroying a GoPro Hero4 UGH. I was testing with my friend’s MCX SBR and suppressor. This is a nice balanced setup for up close and personal work. He had to wait almost 15 months for the US Government to […]
Remington 700 Custom

6.5 Creedmoor – Reloader 15 vs Factory Load

Reloading 6.5 Creedmoor with Reloader 15 Out on the range today I will test two different loads — loaded with Reloader 15 putting it up against Hornady Factory ammunition. This started to just find a light load for the medium range distance 100 to 300 yards with Reloader 15 and lighter bullets but my buddy […]
Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Overview

Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Overview

I decided to go ahead and do a quick overview of the new Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper. I only published this because a few friends asked me for the video. I did not do a complete review demonstrating every single feature, I am exchanging emails with Frankford Arsenal asking if the drifting that I am seeing […]

The 45 Colt: Old But Still Useful?

The 45 Colt was designed in 1872, making this one old cartridge. The granddad of the Old West at one time was one of the most venerable cartridges known to man. Let's test a 225gr full wadcutter and a 230gr hollow point and see if the 45 Colt is still capable after 147 years of service and if it remains relevant to this day.

45ACP D&L Ammo Testing: Dave Lauck and Col Cooper Design

45 ACP Cutting Holes Like A Wadcutter Fellas I thought you would appreciate the below for us avid reloaders. During a 1997 big game hunting trip Col. Cooper and Lauck discussed creating something better as an all-around load and bullet for the .45 ACP 1911 pistol. Both Col. Cooper and Lauck recognized the issues of […]

45 Colt Carbine — Hog Hunter

After making the first video, 45 Colt Old But Still Useful with the 45 Colt Buffalo Bore 225gr Anti Personnel round, I received a couple of emails asking if the full wad cutter of the Buffalo Bore would feed in a carbine/lever action. I decided this would make for good content. If I could get […]

357 Magnum vs 10MM In Clear Ballistics Gel

For you revolver fanatics and for those that asked for a revolver comparison of 357 Magnum and 10MM, well you got it. S&W 686 7Shot Unfluted Cylinder, 7inch Barrel S&W 610 Classic 6Shot Unfluted Cylinder, 6inch Barrel Surprise Ending - Watching it all the way through most of you will be interested in the additional comparison I added in. Nope I am not telling --- you have to watch.


What is 45AutoRim or 45AR The .45 AutoRim is a cartridge lucky to be in existence. Due to the lack of 1911’s as America prepared to enter WWI, Smith & Wesson and Colt produced revolvers chambered for the .45ACP. These new revolvers were designated as the 1917 by the Army. Even though the 1917 revolver […]