There are several options for receiving notifications of new posts on The Reloaders Network.  The information presented here will show you how to set up your notifications according to your preferences.

Links to setting up each notification type:

Notifications using the IFTTT Service:


Push Notifications

Push notifications can be managed by a small icon in the lower left portion of the web page with the red circle/white bell icon:Notifications 1

If you click on the icon you can turn on or off these notifications. Again, these notifications are for each new post on the site:

Notifications 3

Notifications on Other Social Media Sites

You can find notifications for all new posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


Notifications in Discord

Discord is a tool that is used by many on this site and in this community for communication and collaboration.  There is channel within Discord specifically for notifications of all new posts.  You may find out more information about accessing Discord here:  Chat


Email and Push Notifications (Using the IFTTT Service)

The notifications listed below use a free service called IFTTT.  IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”.  You can find it at this address:

In addition to their webpage, there are IFTTT apps available for both Apple and Android devices.  (You will need the app installed on your mobile device to receive push notifications.)

You can go to and set up an account for free.

How to use these IFTTT links

To enable the following notifications, click on the desired link, select the “Turn on” switch, and then navigate to “My Applets” on the IFTTT page or app.  Open the Applet you just turned on, and then select the gear icon in the upper right corner.  Turn off the option that states, “Receive notifications when this Applet runs”.  If you don’t turn off this notification, you will likely receive extra notifications.

Email and Push Notifications for All New Posts

Notifications for Posts by Specific Authors

You may turn on notifications for new posts by specific authors, though it may take a few minutes to set up.

(On mobile devices this table is best viewed in landscape orientation.)

AuthorPush NotificationEmail Notification
243 Outdoors – Push243 Outdoors – Email
76Highboy Reloading – Push76Highboy Reloading – Email
Alaska TRU Outdoors – PushAlaska TRU Outdoors – Email
Alaskan Ballistics – PushAlaskan Ballistics – Email
AlaskanGuy – PushAlaskanGuy – Email
All Outdoors – PushAll Outdoors – Email
Amoozer – PushAmoozer – Email
Andy79Z28 – PushAndy79Z28 – Email
Backyard Inventor – PushBackyard Inventor – Email
Big Al – PushBig Al – Email
BigE – PushBigE – Email
The Big Man – PushThe Big Man – Email
Bigger behind the trigger Atkinson – PushBigger behind the trigger Atkinson – Email
Bill Johnson – PushBill Johnson – Email
Bolt Action Reloading – PushBolt Action Reloading – Email
Brass Hoarder – PushBrass Hoarder – Email
Brody556 – PushBrody556 – Email
Brokeloader – PushBrokeloader – Email
Buchanan Precision – PushBuchanan Precision – Email
Buffalo’s Outdoors – PushBuffalo’s Outdoors – Email
CharlieBrassStuffer – PushCharlieBrassStuffer – Email
Chicowize – PushChicowize – Email
Coats Brothers Firearms – PushCoats Brothers Firearms – Email
The Colorado Reloader – PushThe Colorado Reloader – Email
The Copper Pill – PushThe Copper Pill – Email
Cranky Cleatus – PushCranky Cleatus – Email
ThecrazyScotsman – PushThecrazyScotsman – Email
Creeker – PushCreeker – Email
DbqLuthier – PushDbqLuthier – Email
Dubya – PushDubya – Email
Duncan – PushDuncan – Email
Eagle Eye Shooting – PushEagle Eye Shooting – Email
Eddystone3006 – PushEddystone3006 – Email
elvis ammo – Pushelvis ammo – Email
EWA Thoughts – PushEWA Thoughts – Email
FortuneCookie45LC – PushFortuneCookie45LC – Email
Full.Lead.Taco – PushFull.Lead.Taco – Email
fuzztfork8 – Pushfuzztfork8 – Email
Ghost Rider – PushGhost Rider – Email
Gordons Reloading Channel – PushGordons Reloading Channel – Email
GunFun ZS – PushGunFun ZS – Email
HappyCurmudgeon – PushHappyCurmudgeon – Email
Hazzbro’s Hide – PushHazzbro’s Hide – Email
Hunt Shoot Offroad – PushHunt Shoot Offroad – Email
TheIdahoanShow – PushTheIdahoanShow – Email
James Pollard – PushJames Pollard – Email
JCM45 – PushJCM45 – Email
Jerry 1911 – PushJerry 1911 – Email
Jesse B Outdoors – PushJesse B Outdoors – Email
JH586 – PushJH586 – Email
Joe leadslinger – PushJoe leadslinger – Email
John’s Hand Loading – PushJohn’s Hand Loading – Email
Johnny’s Reloading Bench – PushJohnny’s Reloading Bench – Email
Kentucky Ballistics – PushKentucky Ballistics – Email
The Kentucky Patriot – PushThe Kentucky Patriot – Email
KFW – PushKFW – Email
Kyle Lusk – PushKyle Lusk – Email
Leon Guthrie – PushLeon Guthrie – Email
Lever Action Gypsy – PushLever Action Gypsy – Email
Leverguns 50-110 WCF – PushLeverguns 50-110 WCF – Email
Loads of Bacon – PushLoads of Bacon – Email
The Magnum Channel – PushThe Magnum Channel – Email
mannyCA – PushmannyCA – Email
Mario Mosin – PushMario Mosin – Email
Maxx Bear – PushMaxx Bear – Email
MCK – PushMCK – Email
Measure In Grains – PushMeasure In Grains – Email
Mike Treen – PushMike Treen – Email
mr.revolverguy – Pushmr.revolverguy – Email
Norton’s Ammo Bench – PushNorton’s Ammo Bench – Email
NYC Reloader – PushNYC Reloader – Email
ocean374 – Pushocean374 – Email
OK Shotgun Outdoors – PushOK Shotgun Outdoors – Email
op25ttfd – Pushop25ttfd – Email
OzarkSpirit – PushOzarkSpirit – Email
PC Bullet Empire – PushPC Bullet Empire – Email
Preferred Barrels – PushPreferred Barrels – Email
The Range Squirrel – PushThe Range Squirrel – Email
rebel – Pushrebel – Email
Red Raider Reloading – PushRed Raider Reloading – Email
The Reloader Dude – PushThe Reloader Dude – Email
Reloadingallday – PushReloadingallday – Email
Reloading Podcast – PushReloading Podcast – Email
The Reloading Press – PushThe Reloading Press – Email
Rick’s Reloading Bench – PushRick’s Reloading Bench – Email
Riorider – PushRiorider – Email
Shooting SoCal – PushShooting SoCal – Email
Riorider – PushRiorider – Email
The Social Regressive – PushThe Social Regressive – Email
TATV Canada – PushTATV Canada – Email
Thomas Pickering – PushThomas Pickering – Email
Thorsaxe – PushThorsaxe – Email
TinMan – PushTinMan – Email
treesablowin – Pushtreesablowin – Email
TreeTopFlier – PushTreeTopFlier – Email
Vaughn Precision – PushVaughn Precision – Email
The Way to Native Chronicles – PushThe Way to Native Chronicles – Email
West Desert Shooter – PushWest Desert Shooter – Email
WiederladerTv – PushWiederladerTv – Email
William C Chapin – PushWilliam C Chapin – Email
Willie Bulletman – PushWillie Bulletman – Email
Zombie Head Hunters – PushZombie Head Hunters – Email




If you would like to set up your own custom notifications for specific authors, categories, or tags, or in a way that differs from what is available above, please see this page:  Configure Custom Notifications using IFTTT