Assembling the Ammomike83 3D Printed Bullet Feeder

This is the AmmoMike83 feeder combined with a few upgrades done by Backyard Inventor. I wanted to make this video in case anyone had any questions about the parts and how they work with each other. I cannot sell these or post a link here to the STL files, but I will answer any questions […]

Dipping My Toes In Satterlee

This post doesn’t have a conclusion, at least not yet. I just want to share some experimenting with Satterlee load development. With that out of the way, my current recipe for 223 is a 62gr load I put together a couple years ago when I was starting out using the tried and true ladder load […]
Mail Call – Game Changer

Mail Call – Game Changer

My friend Harry, from the 'Backyard Inventor' channel, has sent me a mould that will revolutionize the way I cast and test those castings for hardness. A simple modification to a Lee 2 cavity mould that will take all the laborious work from measuring Brinnel Hardness.