KFW 600 Sub VR

KFW 600 Sub VR

Congrats to KFW on 600 subscribers! I really enjoy his channel, and wish him much success in the future. I go into a little bit of a rant in this video. Thanks for watching. May God bless you all real good!

On Duty: The Federal HST 45ACP

Today we are testing the preferred 45ACP ammunition of the local law enforcement community. Federal Premium 45ACP HST 230gr ammunition. This test provides valuable information, chronograph data, accuracy data, penetration and expansion data.

Poly Pellets for Powder Coating

Powder coating has become the new standard in preventing cast bullets from leading your barrel. In order to powder-coat large-caliber handgun bullets by the “shake and bake” method, it is often necessary to employ a buffer media of some kind, and most people seem to use airsoft pellets for this purpose. However, I discovered a […]