Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0

Just over a year ago I posted my meager attempt at an all-in-one brass prep center based off of a Little Crow Gun Works World’s Finest Trimmer.  Although a qualified (It worked) success, it lacked much elegance and left brass all over my bench. A catch tray and later a strategically placed vacuum cleaner hose […]


As much negative press and pressure there is on the 2nd Amendment, it seems major journalism is embarrassed to even call shooting a sport, let alone announce there are people that are law abiding and enjoy it. It can be very exciting to introduce new shooters to our sport, even better extending your shooting circle […]

Hodgdon Varget VS Shooters World Precision

What’s up Reloaders! We’ve been asked to compare Varget and Shooters World Precision powder. These two powders are incredibly similar, so we broke the testing down to the following criteria: Powder characteristics, metering, grouping, temperature sensitivity, how clean the powder burns, and flash difference. To perform these tests, we’ve used the following components for a […]
Inexpensive Brass Case Cleaning 45

Inexpensive Brass Case Cleaning

Today I want to share how I clean my brass cartridge cases, inexpensively and thoroughly, without the use of mechanical devices or expensive equipment. I want to say up front, I see the benefit of ultrasonic cleaners and brass tumblers that have special solutions or stainless steel pin tumbling media. I am not trying to […]

IMR 4198 in a .308 Winchester Bolt Gun

Hello to The Reloaders Network! BigE here! I thought I would try something different in my 308 target rifle. It started as a Savage 11VT that was found to be a little unsafe with the original barrel (short throat with rifling at 0.307″ would pop primers on factory loads occasionally and was almost always a […]

Light For Caliber Projectiles

Before Christmas my wife went into Academy to buy me a couple boxes of bullets as stocking stuffers, she is an encourager of my endeavors. She knew I load and shoot 9mm, and knew I had trays of Hornady bullets over my bench, but not what weights. The retail droid at Academy pointed her to […]

Odd Range Day

Early Morning To Meet My Gunsmith, Then Off To The Range I introduced a good friend of mine to my gunsmith a few weeks back. He received a call earlier this week that his rifles and pistols were ready. So we got up early this morning and made the 45 minute drive north, picked up […]

JP Enterprises 22LR Upper Break In

Shooting 22LR is a lot of fun, even when going through the task of having to break in a barrel.   My brother from another mother and I enjoyed an hour or so on the range breaking in a JP Enterprises 22LR Upper to their exact spec. I don’t know, does a 22LR barrel really […]