Hull Skiver - 10 Gauge to 20 Gauge


A handy tool for shaving the interior of hulls prior to fold crimping.

  • • For use with 10 Gauge to 20 Gauge
  • • For use in either drill presses or hand drills
  • • Made in USA
  • • Free Shipping

In stock


Skiving a hull is shaving the interior side of the shotshell mouth. This aluminum knurled tool is used with a drill press or hand drill to make quick work of any hull skiving or hull reshaping job. A quick spin is all that is needed to improve the crimp quality.

Skiving the hull will add a slight taper to the top of the crimp area. This will make fold crimps much easier to complete and also more effective. (Unskived hulls are better for roll crimping.)

This tool will work in either drill presses or hand drills. Start with low RPMs and light pressure for 2-3 seconds.

(Note: plastic residue may build up on the knurled surface over time. This residue may periodically be removed with a stiff-bristled brush.)

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