Svarog Shotgun Italian Slug - Starter Combination Package


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The perfect combination for getting started with the Italian slug!  This combination package will save you money and includes the slug mold, 500 wads, and tools for mating the wads to the slug.



Svarog Shotgun Italian Slug Mold

  • Single cavity mold for casting the Svarog “Italian” 12 gauge big game shotgun slug
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Svarog Shotgun "Special" Slug Wads

  • "Special" Plastic Compensator Wad
  • Quantity: 500
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Wad Seating Die for Svarog "Special" Wads

  • A die designed specifically for full seating of the Svarog "Special" wads.
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Seating Clips for Svarog "Special" Wads

  • Keeps the compression zone of the wad from being damaged or distorted while the slug is being seated.
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"Universal" Base Pin – optional

  • The "Universal" base pin for the Svarog "Italian" 12 gauge shotgun slug mold.
  • Slugs cast with this base pin may be attached to a wad with a screw.

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This combination package includes:

  • The Italian mold (with “Special” base pin)
  • Optional “Universal” base pin
  • 500 “Special” wads
  • Seating Clips
  • Seating Die