Wad Seating Tool Combo for Svarog “Special” Wads


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A set of the wad seating tool and the seating clips used for the mating the Svarog “Special” wads onto slugs.

  • A perfect combination of tools for use with the “Special” wads and the Italian and Paradox slugs.
  • The wad seating tool fits in a standard reloading press and allows full seating of the wad into the slug.
  • The clips keep the compression zone of the wad from being damaged or distorted while the slug is being seated.
  • Made in USA
  • See videos linked below.
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Wad Seating Die for Svarog "Special" Wads

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Seating Clips for Svarog "Special" Wads

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These tools together, designed by Nick Ross, make the perfect combination for loading the Italian and Paradox slugs with the “Special” wads.

This special seating die allows for the full seating of the wad with the Italian and Paradox slugs.  With the use of this tool you won’t have to rely on hand pressure to fully seat the slug on the wad.  The special clips prevent wad distortion during the seating.  Any damage or distortion to the compression zone of the wad would adversely affect accuracy.

View these tools in use in the following videos from FortuneCookie45LC:

Video #1 – Full Service Wad Seater For Russian Slugs From Nick Ross
(The tool in the video is shown with a brass lock ring. The lock ring included with your order is not brass.)

As shown, these tools are best used when employed with a cut down empty hull.

Video #2 – Nick Ross Solution To Russian Wad Seating Distortion

Video #3 – Nick’s Wad Seating Clips Available For The Russian Slugs