10MM Chamber Support: Colt, Ruger, Para, Kimber, Springfield, Sig Sauer, STI

After making the first video of 10MM chamber support, there were a lot of questions and requests for additional pistols included. After two years unfortunately I was able borrow a few pistols to fulfill the request. Your requests do not fall on deaf ears and I do try to answer all of the questions. By the way, you are going to want to stick around to the very end, probably the least expected winner and ending!!!!!!
STI Apeiro In 10MM: Tabletop Review

STI Apeiro In 10MM: Tabletop Review

STI was definitely thinking outside of the box when it created the Apeiro. So why discontinue it? Because the owner is parting ways with 40S&W he decided to keep this one and have the chamber reamed to 10MM. To reduce recoil and increase cycling speed, STI cut a large portion out of the top of […]

Odd Range Day

Early Morning To Meet My Gunsmith, Then Off To The Range I introduced a good friend of mine to my gunsmith a few weeks back. He received a call earlier this week that his rifles and pistols were ready. So we got up early this morning and made the 45 minute drive north, picked up […]