.22LR 1911 Conversion Kits – Train Cheap!

What can I say about the 22lr that hasn't been said before? It's soft recoiling, mild shooting and most of all it's "CHEAP, like the budgie". That, by the way, was a seriously underrated film! We show you how to get some cheap shoots while honing your skill and have fun at the same time!
STI Apeiro In 10MM: Tabletop Review

STI Apeiro In 10MM: Tabletop Review

STI was definitely thinking outside of the box when it created the Apeiro. So why discontinue it? Because the owner is parting ways with 40S&W he decided to keep this one and have the chamber reamed to 10MM. To reduce recoil and increase cycling speed, STI cut a large portion out of the top of […]

45ACP D&L Ammo Testing: Dave Lauck and Col Cooper Design

45 ACP Cutting Holes Like A Wadcutter Fellas I thought you would appreciate the below for us avid reloaders. During a 1997 big game hunting trip Col. Cooper and Lauck discussed creating something better as an all-around load and bullet for the .45 ACP 1911 pistol. Both Col. Cooper and Lauck recognized the issues of […]

200gr 10mm Loads–Back to The Future!

Looks like I squeaked this video upload just in time before getting my 17th video deleted and a YouTube Channel strike. I can’t upload to YT for the next little while, but I will still try to upload to TRN. Here you go, Enjoy! Full.Lead.TacoI love guns, tacos, and lead. I use the guns. The […]