Molds and Press

Casting With Kyle, Estate Sale Finds

I went to Kyle's house, and we cast some bullets. I show four molds, one I've recently acquired, three I bought at an estate sale for $18.00. 35 Rem. Load 3 is ready for testing and Load 4 is on the reloading bench right now. Still lots to come and lots of work left to do. May God bless you all real good, and thanks for watching.
mod70 MIG

Bedtime stories Series…..Part 1

I’ve decided to go ahead and add some more to this channel….by telling some history about me and how I’ve gotten to here.  This will be…guessing 4 or 5 parts…2 or 3 days apart.   I don’t want to slam everyone with everything in 1 go…so ….  Baby Steps.     ENJOY SO…. Here we are at […]