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Micrometer Seating Dies, Forster.

Welcome back, reloaders!   Let’s get down too it.   I was browsing through Brownells website the other day and decided to try out the famous Forster Micrometer Seating dies and do a review. I’ve heard a lot of hype around Micrometer dies in general and especially this one.   If you follow any of […]
357 Magnum Powerhouse and Snubbies

357 Magnum Powerhouse and Snubbies

I changed the grips on the Kimber double action only because of the wild ride caused by full powerhouse 357 magnum. After changing the grips I visited the range to see just how the Kimber K6 would perform compared to it’s younger brother the K6 double action only and a S&W386PD Scandium Frame, mr.revolverguy
Loading 357 Magnum “Rossi Fuel” with Tite Group

Loading 357 Magnum “Rossi Fuel” with Tite Group

Trying some unconventional/non popular methods/powder selection here, as I couldn’t find any video of someone using Tite Group in 357 Magnum. ChicowizeI’m a Rookie Reloader. I started in July 2018 with my first press being a Dillon XL650 and recently I’ve joined the community of casting my own projectiles and loving it as much as reloading. […]