FW Arms Decapping Die

FW Arms Decapping Die

After watching several videos of this newish die, with myself being without a dedicated decapping die, I ordered one. The website was a bit troublesome to get to the Web Shopping Cart but finally got it going from the top again. There was no direct link. Arrrggggggghhhhhh!!! After I had looked around at all the […]
Brass Processing 30-06

Brass Processing 30-06

I discuss my interest in reloading, full length resizing, trimming, and demonstrate my general clumsiness and excessive verbosity. HappyCurmudgeonI am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. I live with my lovely wife, three children, and my Dachshund in Southeast Texas. I am a veteran of the United States Navy. I enjoy shooting, reloading, history, and […]
Inexpensive Brass Cleaning

Inexpensive Brass Cleaning

Cleaning Brass Cases by hand with homemade cleaning solution. Dawn soap, lemon juice and hot water, clean brass safely and effectively. This is my process for cleaning brass cases prior to re-using them and reloading them. My hope is this video helps people understand how to use this method or their own similar method to […]
Inexpensive Brass Case Cleaning 23

Inexpensive Brass Case Cleaning

Today I want to share how I clean my brass cartridge cases, inexpensively and thoroughly, without the use of mechanical devices or expensive equipment. I want to say up front, I see the benefit of ultrasonic cleaners and brass tumblers that have special solutions or stainless steel pin tumbling media. I am not trying to […]

5-gallon Rotary Tumbler made from Salvage Components

In this video, I present and discuss a large rotary tumbler that I built using mostly salvage materials that I was able to get free or very cheaply. Although the video focusses on the tumbler design and doesn’t really go into its uses, tumblers like this have a variety of applications in reloading, ranging from […]