45 Colt Carbine — Hog Hunter

After making the first video, 45 Colt Old But Still Useful with the 45 Colt Buffalo Bore 225gr Anti Personnel round, I received a couple of emails asking if the full wad cutter of the Buffalo Bore would feed in a carbine/lever action. I decided this would make for good content. If I could get […]

The 45 Colt: Old But Still Useful?

The 45 Colt was designed in 1872, making this one old cartridge. The granddad of the Old West at one time was one of the most venerable cartridges known to man. Let's test a 225gr full wadcutter and a 230gr hollow point and see if the 45 Colt is still capable after 147 years of service and if it remains relevant to this day.