Cast Tray

Our Stewardship

Today I would like to make us all think about a few things that are important to me. In life, we don’t really get to “keep” anything. We are here for a while and then we are gone. If we don’t intentionally invest time and effort into passing along the things we know and believe […]
LEE 311-100-2R in 7.62X25mm Tokarev

LEE 311-100-2R in 7.62X25mm Tokarev

Start to Finish, casting to shooting the Lee 311-100 in the 7.62X25mm. I cast the bullets, powder coated, sized and loaded them with Accurate #7. All surplus handguns are different and this may not work in your gun. Please be careful if anything in this video is duplicated. Thanks for watching. KFWI enjoy all things […]
Massive Unboxing

Massive Unboxing

Thanks to The Texas Outlaw Michael Saenz, Charles Irby, Jesse B Outdoors, and Cranky Cleatus for these great packages. I'll add links to these guys below. Thanks for watching, and I hope God blesses you all real good!

Melting & Processing 500+ Pounds of Lead Into Ingots

For this video, Evan decided that I needed some help finishing up all that lead melting--so he volunteered to come help me finish processing my scrap into ingot form. I Had a lot of lead, and it took a lot of time to process it--but it was exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Evan had a new scrap lead processing setup that he wanted to test out, so we go over his setup briefly in the video...

35 Rem Load 3

In this video we cover the third load in our 35 Remington Load Series. This covers the loading, shooting, and the results.