CZ457 17HMR vs The Zucchini Invasion

Infested with zucchini's?  Watch this video. Today, I finally get my CZ457 17HMR rifle out for testing and sighting in.  I'd put it off long enough, so I decided to have some fun after sighting it in.  Nikon rimfire scope seems to work well and has good glass--represents a good value.  Silencerco Saker 556 suppressor is probably overkill for this rifle, but we enjoyed shooting the 17HMR suppressed. Disclaimer: Zucchini's WERE harmed in the filming of this video.

S&W 586 and CZ 75 At The Range

In this video, I test some bullets from Willie Bulletman and TinMan, shooting the S&W 6″ 586 and the CZ 75BD. The shooting was at Live Fire Weapons and Range. Check out these channels. They’re good guys are really fun to watch. Thanks for watching, and may God bless you all real good! Willie Bulletman- […]

Non-Typical Saturday

Chicowize, Kyle Lusk, and myself finally get to meet ThecrazyScotsman face to face, in living color. Although the circumstances were very sad, we managed a little range time get together. It was an honor to meet the Scotsman, finally, and always a privilege and an honor to spend time with my two North Georgia brothers. CMax, go rest easy, Brother. And we'll see you in a little while! Please keep Cmax's family and friends in your prayers. May God bless you all!