RCBS Powder Trickler-2 Review

RCBS Powder Trickler-2 Review

After looking at all of the powder tricklers on the market (except the Lyman Brass Smith that wasn't released yet) I settled on the RCBS Powder Trickler 2. This was because it was quality built, very sturdy, weighty, adjustable height, extendable tube and threaded tube.
Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Overview

Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Overview

I decided to go ahead and do a quick overview of the new Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper. I only published this because a few friends asked me for the video. I did not do a complete review demonstrating every single feature, I am exchanging emails with Frankford Arsenal asking if the drifting that I am seeing […]

SHOT Show – Day 3

Day three of SHOT Show has now concluded.  Today was another full day of wandering around trying to take it all in.  I had already seen just about every booth, so today was more concentrated on going back to see certain items in depth. I started the day by meeting up with Curt and Lacey […]

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim & Prep Center

It's faster, better built, more ergonomic, and above all more consistent than any other trimmer I've used before.  Although pricey, it includes every bushing, collet and bit you'll ever need, so you know exactly what it's costing you without any surprises.  Best of all, it includes everything you'd find on a standard case prep station, plus the trimmer, effectively combining two tools into one.
Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer Kit!

Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer Kit!

An overview of my new reloading tool! I often overlook upgrading gear for reloading and spend more on components like bullets or powder. This is a very welcome addition to my lineup and should greatly speed up my priming process while lowering contamination risk of the primers themselves. This kit seems great and so far I’m impressed with the Frankford Arsenal hand primer platinum kit. She’ll holders included is a great touch and makes priming almost any cartridge you have easy right out of the box. The adjustable primer seating depth is a great feature and something I plan to utilize when operating the hand primer.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler While vibratory cleaners certainly do a good job, the fact remains that if you really want to get your brass looking factory new, there’s no better option than a wet tumbler with stainless steel media. Until recently, the odds of coming across a wet tumbler at your local gun […]

Vibratory Case Cleaners vs Wet Case Tumblers

Vibratory Case Cleaners vs Wet Case Tumblers With so many decisions to be made about presses, dies and components, how you clean your brass probably isn’t something you’ve given a whole lot of thought too; particularly if you’re just learning to reload for the first time.  While it may not be the first thing you […]
wetdry pic

Frankford Arsenal Wet/Dry Media Separator

I apologize for my somewhat cynical humor in this video. This media separator was not a product I was especially excited to get, but it has worked well and is superior to what I was doing before I got it. I think it is a good product and if you have a Wet tumbler, it is really a must have.  I followed the manufacturers directions, but if you put it in a large pan or in a bathtub with the screen part on the bottom it might work better. This is a good product, as Frankford Arsenal makes some really nice products, and hopefully my video does it justice.