The Pickering Chronicles #3 – Building A Collection

Having no firearm experience when I started to learn to shoot, I read everything I could find and watched as many YouTube videos as I could find. I learned a lot about how eclectic some firearm owners’ collections can be, and got some insight into the various categories of arms. Then I proceeded without prejudice to acquire guns in about as haphazard a way as is humanly possible.
mod70 MIG

Bedtime stories Series…..Part 1

I’ve decided to go ahead and add some more to this channel….by telling some history about me and how I’ve gotten to here.  This will be…guessing 4 or 5 parts…2 or 3 days apart.   I don’t want to slam everyone with everything in 1 go…so ….  Baby Steps.     ENJOY SO…. Here we are at […]