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TC Compass 308 180gr Nosler & Varget – A Horrible Day At The Range…Ending With A Good Note

Unlike my previous TC Compass in 308 (which I sent in for repair and returned replaced), my load work ups are showing good results. Keeping the groups to 3 shots due to barrel temp on this pencil barrel, I was able to produce nearly a half MOA group with a 180gr Nosler BT bullet. And the chronograph....laugh all you want because I was. This chronograph lasted 5 hits and has paid itself off with lots of load data collected.

Thompson Center Compass – 300 Win Mag Satterlee load development – 220 Nosler Custom Comp with H1000

In this video I update the Thompson Center Compass project chambered in 300 Win Mag. This was a $200 rifle that we are going to test to see how accurate it can be with a very budget setup. In this video we go over more reloads in our Thompson Center Compass and updates moving forward. We load up 220 Nosler Custom Competition and Hogdgon H1000. We use the Satterlee load development style to evaluate this combo and find a velocity Node to use for our next time with this powder.