300 Win Mag – Federal Gold Medal Match – Enhancing the 190 SMK for the Thompson Center Compass

In this video we complete the 5 powders (Vihtavuori N560, Alliant Reloder 23 and 26, and Hodgdon H4350 and H1000) we test to clone the Federal Gold Medal Match 190 SMK load in 300 Winchester Magnum. We study the velocity and barrel time graphs to pick our best options for out performing the factory ammunition. We evaluate our performance in quick load to see what loads might give us the best performance in our very finicky Thompson Center Compass. Winchester Brass and primers are used.

224 Valkyrie – Choosing some Long Range Loads

In this video I discuss the loads that I am choosing for taking the 224 Valkyrie out to longer ranges.  I have been doing load development at 100 yards and I have found some consistent, repeatable loads that are grouping for me, and giving me the ballistics that I am looking for.  I will go through these loads, and show some targets that I have shot with them.
300 Win Mag – Getting Started Part 2

300 Win Mag – Getting Started Part 2

It's time for a follow-up video. This time I want to talk about some of the excellent questions, suggestions and information from the comments of the last video. I also load up some more ammo and hit the range again. The 240gr Sierra Match King has a 1:9 twist requirement printed on the box, but I want to see if they'll stabilize in the 1:10 twist Thompson Center Compass barrel. I also continue our work with the 220gr Sierra Match King to see if we can shoot some more good groups with them.