Deflector Brake

Be Kind to Your AR-15 Brass – Testing the Deflector Brake

Testing out the Deflector Brake, which is a disposable, peel, stick and press accessory for AR-15s. It absorbs some of the energy of ejected casings and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels. It minimizes damage to the brass which increases the reliability and efficiency of reloading, and it deflects spent brass forward and away from the shooter making AR-15s safer for left-handed shooters.

Chicowize Goes 1000 Yards

Chico working the Ruger American Predator 6.5 Creedmoor and T/C Compass 308 at the 1000 yard Range, at Dead Zero Shooting Park in Spencer, TN. This is a combination of my video and Tread's video. I think it turned out great.
KODAK Digital Still Camera

308 Win; Hornady 168g Match with Accurate 2230

Just a quick post today.  This will be the last 308 post for now. This will conclude all the powder that I have, that will work for 308.  I recently picked up some Accurate 2230.  This is my go to powder for 223 using the Hornady 68g BTHP Match bullets.  Going off the Accurate’s load […]
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TC Compass 308 180gr Nosler & Varget – A Horrible Day At The Range…Ending With A Good Note

Unlike my previous TC Compass in 308 (which I sent in for repair and returned replaced), my load work ups are showing good results. Keeping the groups to 3 shots due to barrel temp on this pencil barrel, I was able to produce nearly a half MOA group with a 180gr Nosler BT bullet. And the chronograph....laugh all you want because I was. This chronograph lasted 5 hits and has paid itself off with lots of load data collected.