Range day with the TC Encore

I took the new 357 Remington Maximum Encore to range today with mixed results. I shot H110 powder under.. 180 XTPs at 2.060″ reached 2128 fps 180 HCFPs at 2.245″ reached 2103 fps 200 FTXs at 2.35″ reached 2056 fps The charge weight for the XTPs was 22-23gr, for the HCFPs it was 23-24 gr, […]
22 Magnum 500 yards Offhand

22 Magnum 500 yards Offhand

Taylon once again showing us how shooting offhand is supposed to look like. This time with his father’s custom TC Contender in 22 mag. Good shooting Taylon. If you listen closely you can hear some lovely Wyoming wind and a little bit of trash talk aimed at Brandt. Haha great job Taylon. Zombie Head HuntersZombie […]
500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

What happens when Wyoming has a long winter and Steve is locked up in his shop for way too long? He puts together an awesome gun, that’s what! This one is a TC Contender with an EA Brown barrel chambered in 22 Mag. This could be the perfect rifle for our 500 yard rimfire zombie. […]

300 Win Mag – Federal Gold Medal Match – Enhancing the 190 SMK for the Thompson Center Compass

In this video we complete the 5 powders (Vihtavuori N560, Alliant Reloder 23 and 26, and Hodgdon H4350 and H1000) we test to clone the Federal Gold Medal Match 190 SMK load in 300 Winchester Magnum. We study the velocity and barrel time graphs to pick our best options for out performing the factory ammunition. We evaluate our performance in quick load to see what loads might give us the best performance in our very finicky Thompson Center Compass. Winchester Brass and primers are used.

Chicowize Goes 1000 Yards

Chico working the Ruger American Predator 6.5 Creedmoor and T/C Compass 308 at the 1000 yard Range, at Dead Zero Shooting Park in Spencer, TN. This is a combination of my video and Tread's video. I think it turned out great.