Another Harbor Freight Tumbler Success

A few days ago I posted a couple pictures on Discord of the 4″ PVC extended drum wet tumbler I was putting together following Tree Top Flier’s recent updated video. One of the details he pointed out was the interrupters The Range SquirrelI owned a Marlin 60 since 1987, but never really got ‘into’ guns […]
Inexpensive Brass Cleaning

Inexpensive Brass Cleaning

Cleaning Brass Cases by hand with homemade cleaning solution. Dawn soap, lemon juice and hot water, clean brass safely and effectively. This is my process for cleaning brass cases prior to re-using them and reloading them. My hope is this video helps people understand how to use this method or their own similar method to […]

5-gallon Rotary Tumbler made from Salvage Components

In this video, I present and discuss a large rotary tumbler that I built using mostly salvage materials that I was able to get free or very cheaply. Although the video focusses on the tumbler design and doesn’t really go into its uses, tumblers like this have a variety of applications in reloading, ranging from […]
Wet Brass Tumbling, Current Events And Australia

Wet Brass Tumbling, Current Events And Australia

Friendships and relationships develop from common values, trust and sacrifice. And so it has been for the nations of the USA and Australia on many occasions when the two countries stood shoulder to shoulder through the decades. But what has this to do with wet tumbling…?? FortuneCookie45LCFortuneCookie45LC started posting videos on YouTube in 2012.  He […]

Brass Cleaning Ripoffs

If you're a reloader, chances are one of your biggest goals is to save money and shoot more for less.  While most of us have analyzed the price of equipment and components, have you ever stopped to think about the materials you use?

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler While vibratory cleaners certainly do a good job, the fact remains that if you really want to get your brass looking factory new, there’s no better option than a wet tumbler with stainless steel media. Until recently, the odds of coming across a wet tumbler at your local gun […]